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College Physics Core Tutorial Series

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College Physics Core Tutorial Series

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College Physics Core Tutorial Series
E-Learning | 2009 | Series Video | ISO | 245 MB

This series provide simple yet easy-to-understand tutorials in flash movies for core concepts in physics – the ones that are fundamental yet difficult to master.Core Unit #1 – The Basics

* Tutorial 01: Introduction to Physics
* Tutorial 02: Basic Math for Physics
* Tutorial 03: Problem Solving in Physics

Core Unit #2 – Mechanics

* Tutorial 04: Describing Motion's Kinematics in One Dimension
* Tutorial 05: Kinematics in Two Dimensions; Vectors
* Tutorial 06: Force and Motion - Newton's Laws
* Tutorial 07: Work, Power and Energy
* Tutorial 08: Momentum and Collisions
* Tutorial 09: Circular Motion and Gravitation
* Tutorial 10: Rotational Motion and Equilibrium

Core Unit #3 – Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics

* Tutorial 11: Solids and Fluids
* Tutorial 12: Temperature, Heat and Thermodynamics
* Tutorial 13: Kinetic Theory of Gases

Core Unit #4 – Electricity and Magnetism

* Tutorial 14: Electrostatics
* Tutorial 15: Conductors, Capacitors and Dielectrics
* Tutorial 16: Electric Circuits
* Tutorial 17: Magnetic Fields
* Tutorial 18: Electromagnetism

Core Unit #5 – Waves, Sound and Optics

* Tutorial 19: Vibrations and Waves
* Tutorial 20: Sound
* Tutorial 21: Physical Optics
* Tutorial 22: Geometric Optics

Core Unit #6 – Atomic and Nuclear Physics

* Tutorial 23: Atomic and Quantum Physics
* Tutorial 24: Nuclear Physics

The entire rapid e-learning package includes:

1. 24 Core Concept Tutorials (Flash Movies)
Concept maps, easy introduction to the topic, concept illustration with annotations and animations, sample problems explained with step-wise strategies and topic summary.
2. 24 Problem-Solving Drills (Flash Games)
Feedback based Quizzes, concept-based problems, summary reviews on all problems and scoring system to track performance.
3. 24 Super Review Cheat Sheets (PDF Printables)
One cheat sheet per topic, key concepts in a single-sheet, at-a-glance review of each topic and both printable and laminatible Ideal for exam prep quick review.

This is an .ISO file so it has to either be burnt to a CD, virtually mounted or it's files extracted via PowerISO etc. Once done, you can browse through the CD and pick the tutorial that you would like to see and it will open in your default browser (IE, Firefox, Opera etc). Browse through to CollegePhysics/index.html to get an overview of the course or simply click on start.html in the root directory.

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