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Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass

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Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass

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Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass
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Before You Reach The Bottom Of This Page, You Will Know EXACTLY What I Did That Took Me From A Lovable Loser To Being A Badass At Meeting & Attracting Women… And How YOU Can Do It Too… TONIGHT

“I Will Show You How To Be In The Top 2% Of Men Just By Correcting A Few SIMPLE Mistakes That You Don’t Know You’re Making.”

Recently I had moved to a new city. I didn’t know anyone who lived there except a few people who were too far away to visit. I had broken up with my ex and pretty much felt alone in the world.

So I decided it would be nice to have a few hot girlfriends to hang out with, go on dates with, hook up with, etc. So I did my thing and I met about 8 gorgeous women in about 2 weeks… Got all their numbers… and hung out with all of them.

Of course, I didn’t sleep with all of them. I ended up dating 4 of them simultaneously (don’t worry, they all knew about each other and they were TOTALLY cool with it).

I had lived in the city for a month and I was already dating 4 amazing women at the same time (it’s a lot less work than you think when you’re actually being HONEST about it).

So I picked my favorite one and I just dated her exclusively.

I pretty much said and did the exact same thing with each of them. It wasn’t a script or a routine… it was real, natural, and fun.

But the REAL question is: How did I do that? What did I say? HOW CAN YOU DO IT TOO?

I promise you I’m nothing special.

I’m not really really ridiculously good-looking (as Derek Zoolander would say). I’m skinny, about average height, not the kind of guy that women gravitate toward. In fact, if I don’t open my mouth I can walk into a bar and NO ONE will even notice me all night…

So how did I change from being the “lovable loser” that girls felt sorry for to having a James Bond-like charm and power to attract gorgeous women?

I’m Going To Tell You How I Did It…

Here’s a question I’d like to ask you…

Have you ever had an experience that went something like this?
- answer honestly -
¦ You met a girl in a bar and you wanted to see her again so you gave her your number. One day goes by… two days… a week… and you never hear from her again…
¦ You meet a girl out and she flirts with you all night. You get brave enough to ask for her number and she gives it to you. So you call her the next day to see if she wants to go on a date and you get the dreaded, “… Ummm… who is this again? Please don’t call me.”
¦You get some attention from a hot girl when you go out with your friends one night and you can just FEEL her losing attraction for you as the night goes on.
¦ You’re out meeting a girl at a bar and a dude who is a complete douche walks up and takes her away from you and leaves you standing there by yourself.
¦ You see a girl and you KNOW deep down that she would be amazing “girlfriend material” (or even “wife material”) and you never talk to her…
¦ You see a guy who is a complete badass with women and you ask him how he does it and he says something like, “I don’t know, I’m just not a nerd and women like me.”
¦ You meet a super cute girl in a coffee shop and you go on a couple of dates only to hear, “I think we should just be friends.”

How being affected by rejection will actually CAUSE you to be rejected more often and what you can do about it. Pg. 82
How to get one-on-one time with a girl even in the most crowded or loud environments without being overly aggressive or weird. Pg. 128
a TON more! (it’s 150 pages of punch-you-in-the-face info)
Bonus Book #1 - "Never Get Cheated On" Learn how to ensure you never get cheated on!
Bonus Book #2 - "Monogamy Vs Polyamory" Should you date one woman at a time or many women? How to make the right call for you.
Bonus Book #3 - "Escaping the Friend Zone" which tells you not only how to NEVER enter the friend zone, but how to get out of it if you have.
Bonus Book #4 - "Guide to Breaking-Up" explains how to amicably part ways with a woman, so you'll never have a "nightmare break-up" again.

Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass
Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass
Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass

Joshua Pellicer - The Tao of Badass
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