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MicroSurvey CAD 2010

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MicroSurvey CAD 2010

MicroSurvey CAD 2010 - a full-scale program for data processing of geodetic surveying and design, developed by prospectors, developers and engineers. The program supports such features as the preparation of drawings on the results of survey, COGO, TSMM, poligonometricheskaya mode, the calculation of volumes, horizontally and interfaces to load data capture.

Name of Program: MicroSurvey CAD
Program version: 2010
Language: Eng
Tablet: kit   System requirements:
MicroSurvey CAD 2009 is compatible with 32-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), Microsoft Windows Vista (Release or SP1). 64-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Vista

Integrated data processing of geodetic surveying and engineering:
- Loading data from instrumentation, calculation and design, create drawings, inspection and release of a stamp - all included in a single package to work effectively in all stages of research.
- Interface and command line - a specialist with experience in AutoCAD will be able to start work in MicroSurvey CAD without any additional training.
- Clear principles - object referencing, coordinates, editing - «Trim», «Move», «Copy», «Scale», «Pair», «Rotate» - used in the same way as the basic tools and commands AutoCAD.
- Compatibility with AutoCAD: Program MicroSurvey CAD files compatible with DWG AutoCAD R2.5-2009.

Powerful calculations:
- COGO (coordinate geometry) - MicroSurvey CAD includes the most simple and effective way of entering and recording data in COGO CAD-system, as well as support for the automatic recording of all COGO commands using command files created in the editor.
- Interface with devices for data collection: MicroSurvey CAD supports all common tacheometer and data collection devices.
- Conversion of similarity (Helmerta).
- The endless list of features and functions - averaging over the set of points, cluster analysis, alignment, square, standing square, the intersection of arrays, the set of perpendicular lines, estimates of the breakdown, and much more.
- Coordinate Conversion - simple tools transform data from one system to another.

Complete equalization of polygons and networks:
- Adjustment of angles.
- Support of the transition, the compass and Krendalla.
- Vertical adjustment.
- Adjustment of three-dimensional networks by the method of least squares.
- The discovery of errors.
- Library of parameters of devices.
- Graphical display of ellipses.
- Features re-processing and preliminary analysis of data.

The technology actively plotting:
- Technology of the active drawing MicroSurvey is a new and effective way of working with geodetic data. It offers checking, editing, printing and data management in the drawings, databases, and coordinate moves, as well as in the calculation of COGO.
- The editor coordinates.
- Editor polygonal moves.
- Batch Editor COGO.

Intelligent data:

- Intelligent objects: lines, points, curves and text.
- The selection and automatic editing of objects without running the team.
- View the entire database of coordinates by a simple selection of any of the points in the drawing.

Construction / TSMM modeling and computation of volumes:

- Three-dimensional toning.
- Unlimited possibilities with dots.
- Ease of use: creating TSMM and contours for the 4 simple steps.

The complete set of planning areas:

- Plans terrain: water, cuvettes, piles and slopes.
- Plans for roads: horizontal and vertical alignment, cross-sectional patterns.
- Function to create a cross-sectional area.   DOWNLOAD :

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