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SendBlaster PRO 2 Full

Direct Download Software May 10, 2010 3,463 Downloads
SendBlaster PRO 2 Full

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SendBlaster PRO 2 Full | 27.5MB
SendBlaster Pro 2 comes with dozens of enhancements and new features. In today’s post, we’d like to focus on SendBlaster Plugins.
We can define them as small external utilities that can be launched from inside SendBlaster’s user interface, in order to add new features to the program. In other words, they represent an endless opportunity to customize and enhance SendBlaster in a very simple manner.
The first SendBlaster plugin, already available in SB2, is named “Advanced HTML Editor“. It’s an additional HTML editor that supports DOM and CSS, it allows working with tables and editing many objects and properties.

In order to install it :

1. Go to “Advanced Settings” panel
2. Click on “More plugins” in the “Plugins” section: SendBlaster Plugins page will open on a new page.
3. Click on “Install” button
4. Confirm it (run the .msi file)
5. Restart SendBlaster.

Please note that you can enable or disable any plugin from SendBlaster’s “Advanced Settings” panel. In order to completely remove a plugin, you must uninstall it from Windows Control Panel.

This is just the beginning though, expect many more SendBlaster plugins in the future! Their API are public and third party developers will be encouraged to create new, useful plugins.

SendBlaster Pro 2 is packed full of new and exciting features that long time users have craved. This time, let’s talk about Trackreports. What’s that stuff? It’s a new email tracking campaign service that helps you keep the track of every single email sent with SendBlaster: it will track opens, clicks, and calculate the response rate for every email campaign you run. It means you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns, by understanding which mailings your customers are most interested in and which not. In real time!

In order to start tracking your mailing, just press TrackReports button in SendBlaster’s message editing panel:

1. Compose your message and insert links
2. Once you’ve finished, connect to the Internet (if you are not already connected) and click on TrackReports button
3. Enter your TrackReports *** (you need to register if you don’t have an *** already)
4. Enter a new, unique title for your mailing or choose an existing one
5. Watch monitored stats in the TrackReports panel


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