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avast! Premier Antivirus 9.0.2016.330

Direct Download Software Mar 19 186 Downloads
avast! Premier Antivirus 9.0.2016.330

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avast! Premier Antivirus 9.0.2016.330 | 127 Mb

Most powerful avast! ever made  You have always valued your data and privacy and searched for the best protection. The quest is over you have found Premier. The ultimate in personal computer security.

avast! Premier Antivirus 9.0.2016.330 : FREE Download

Automatic updates of your software
Most virus and malware threats exploit security holes in outdated versions of popular software like browsers, email clients, etc. As its bothersome but vital to update all those programs manually, Premier does it for you.

Access your computer over the Internet
You can connect to your Premier equipped computer even when you are on the other side of the globe. The Access Anywhere feature allows you to view your desktop and access your files from any computer in the world that has any version of avast! installed.

Military grade permanent deletion of your sensitive files
Its easy for someone to recover deleted files from your hard drive or portable drives. Because of that, you may want to use a secure method to purge your sensitive data bank statements, photos, etc. This is exactly what Premiers Data Shredder does on a military grade security level.

Make your computer a data fortress
Your private data should not be available to anyone but you. So the silent firewall in Premier blocks hackers from stealing sensitive personal data from your PC. This new version was rebuilt to make faster decisions, work even better with Windows, and fully support IPv6.

Say Goodbye to spam & phishing scams
The majority of spam includes harmful phishing links built specifically to exploit your PC or credit card data. This type of phishing email tries to convince you its from a legitimate sender. Our anti spam technology filters out such nuisances to save your time and protect you from potential headaches.

Did it break? Fix it!
If anything nasty happens to your computer and some malware blocks access to your avast! you fortunately were able to create an image of your avast! setup on a USB stick or CD DVD ahead of time, which will help you restore the PC to its normal functions.

Intelligent antivirus, anti spyware, & anti malware
Not just a marketing phrase! Our DynaGen powered antivirus streams hundreds of tiny real time updates to your PC virus database each day, to catch new malware faster. Its decisions are based on artificial intelligence that works inside the algorithm responsible for analyzing suspicious files.

Run shady files in a virus proof environment
Unsure if the file you just downloaded is safe? Run it in the Sandbox, a virtual environment where you can run even the most heavily infected files safely. But you will know if its safe anyway, with our File Rep file-reputation scanning technology.

Our crowd in the cloud
avast! Community IQ is one of the worlds fastest signature based malware data sources. This early warning system is based on data from tens of millions of our customers who anonymously share any new pieces of malware they encounter.

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