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Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD*

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Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD*

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[MULTI] Capella.Scan.v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* | 49.59 MB.
Scan sheet music with text and then edit with capella. The world's best scanning software! Dispatch re-typing of sheet music to a nuisance of the past. Let capella-scan transform your sheet music quickly into a ringing score that is ready for editing and printing!

What sounds like magic has become reality
capella-scan has put an end to the laborious task of typing out notes! At last, there is now a way of transposing printed notes and creating part extraction from a printed score without having to type out sheet music note-for-note.

How it works
capella-scan activates your scanner directly.

    * You can use all scanners with Twain interface.
    * The note and text recognition function is activated at a click. capella-scan has been developed to recognize notes including bar lines, accidentals, clefs etc. and to transform sheet music into capella files. The entire process takes only a few seconds.
    * Text is recognized and handed over correctly to capella. Small adjustments can be done directly in capella-scan.

By opening the scanned file in capella notation software (available separately), you can print the file to your specifications. You will find that all the notation program's score editing functions are available for editing your new file. You can, of course, also produce part extraction or change the notes yourself - there are no editing restrictions whatsoever.

Unique to capella-scan
Comfortable voice management
Music recognition programs have to work very hard when several voices appear in a single line. In actual fact, this is the point where many of the other programs on the market reach their limitations. Yet capella scan has been developed to accomplish its task even when faced with these difficult situations. Drawing on its excellent voice management system, capella-scan analyses and establishes the right connections and assigns all notes to their correct vertical and horizontal positions.

Text recognition in 100 languages
capella-scan uses the FineReader engine from ABBYY to recognize text. To this end, then, you will automatically benefit from the world's best OCR technology recognizing even gothic print. A large number of reviews have confirmed that this is the best text recognition program there is. capella-scan comes with over 100 dictionaries, which can be installed if and when you need them. capella-scan's text recognition system uses these dictionaries to check the recognized text for its plausibility.

Quaver rest or smudge?
capella-scan can recognize pitch and pitch length, rests, accidentals, keys, key signature and time signature. It also recognizes brackets and curly braces, distances between staves, slurs, ties, repeat boxes, articulation signs, staff size, cue notes and much more. Note recognition is a very demanding process that requires software to accomplish something that in principle is only possible with human experience. When is an undefined mark on the music sheet a note, a quaver rest or simply a smudge?

Main Features:
Number of recognized staves per system: unlimited      
Uses mathematical morphology technology for lightning-fast and precise recognition of notes, accidentals, keys, bar lines, slurs, ties, repeat boxes, crescendo signs, dynamics, articulation signs etc.     
Directly scans your scores     
Graphic import: BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF     
PDF and PostScript import: Recognizes multi-page PDF scores!     
Supports digital camera images: Just take a snapshot of your score and have capella-scan turn it into a Midi or capella file     
Recognizes small and large notes (cue notes, grace notes, normal notes), as well as small and large staves (piano score)     
Plots recognized notes directly onto the sheet music     
Recognizes text (also Gothic print): Lyrics, title, headers, footers, musical symbols (f, p), crescendo etc.     
Over 100 dictionaries from Azerbaijanian to Zulu     
Recognizes information specially for capella's score layout     
Integrated player: plays back the recognition status - meaning you hear immediately when something is not as is should be     
Offers intelligent and intuitive help for the error correction process     
Manages poor score quality ("holey" staffs)     
Excellent voice management system even for very complex sheet music     
Midi export: capella-scan can be used in conjunction with all Midi-compatible music programs     
CapXML export: This format offers a universal XML-interface for third party programs     
MusicXML export: Notation editors like Finale®, Sibelius® and others can read this international standard file format almost perfectly, including the complete score layout     
Infinitely variable zoom function for lightning-fast navigation     
Ability to attach scanned sheets to existing capella score: creating larger scores     
Scans oversize scores and automatically connects page sections, even with disconnected systems     
Handles two column scores (song book pages)     
Enables clear stave line allocation; also from varying systems     
Works with all common scanners (TWAIN 1 and 2) and reads notes in these formats: bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif, wmf     
PDF manual (about 100 pages) available as download     

capella-scan 7.0
    * Improved text recognition with FineReader version 8.0.
    * The following note objects can be inserted manually (in addition to those mentioned below): One-line staff, different trills, articulations, head types, quarter tone accidentals, dotted bar lines and slurs.
    * Edit your score manually with scissors and eraser before recognition.
    * Style sheets: Controls uniform display of automatically recognized text types such as lyrics, fingering, passage titles, voice names, chord symbols and tempo direction.
    * Recognizes Gothic print.
    * System template: Control and edit the system template via the system template editor. Automatic creation as well as manual correction are supported by an instrument database.
    * Playback: Choose a separate instrument for each voice. capella-tune technology with VST interface and connection to capella Vienna orchestra.
    * Search function: Search lists can be freely configurated, objects will be marked or highlighted.
    * Anchor chains: See immediately which texts and other objects belong to which note.
    * Improved automatic positioning of texts and other objects.
    * Keys: Accidentals can be pasted or edited as a group.
    * Stems are automatically extended when a note head is vertically moved.
    * Repeated entry: The last three objects can be entered with right mouse click or by pressing "space" (Until now: only the last object). The last three notes, rests, note heads and stems can be entered via the shortcut keys (p, n, k, h).
    * With Alt+mouse click you can mark objects belonging together: Beam groups, guitar tablature, all accidentals of a key, lyrics text line, texts of a text block.
    * Improved mouse wheel support: You can change the zoom factor via Ctrl+mouse wheel. When pressing the mouse wheel or the middle mouse button the page is scrolled.
    * Shortcut keys are now shown directly in the tool tip.
    * Tool bars: Better optics, easy configuration.
    * PDF import directly accesses embedded image information. This results in better display and recognition of PDF files (For PDF import you still need Ghostscript).
    * Images can be exported as (multiple page) PDF files.
    * Scanner interface: Supports TWAIN 2.0 as an addition to TWAIN 1.x.
    * Transposable chord descriptions are now saved as formatted text (this saves space).
    * Save state of recognition: With Windows Vista it became more and more difficult to find capella-scan's local data directory. You can now set up this directory via "Options" and open it in an Explorer window with one mouse click.
    * New in capella-scan 7: Recognition of... [More...]
          o ... Gothic print
          o ... guitar tabs for string instruments
          o ... percussion key signatures
          o ... X note heads
          o ... rehearsal numbers
          o ... double sharp accidentals
          o ... courtesy accidentals
          o ... fingerings
          o ... grace notes
          o ... arpeggio signs
          o ... pedal-up and pedal-down (if pedal-up occurs in the same staff)
          o ... abbreviations

Language: English
OS: Windows XP, Vista 32 bit, Windows 7 32 bit

Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD*

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Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* (49.59 MB)

Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD* Capella Scan v7.0.05 Incl. *Keygen-CRD*

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